Best Hardwood Flooring Options You Have!

Are you planning to install hardwood flooring in Coconut Grove at your house, workplace, or maybe even your gym? We can help! Hardwood flooring is perhaps the most beautiful choice that you can go for when considering flooring options. The best part about hardwood floors is that all of its kinds have matchless natural splendor and pretty much go well with all types of décor, including country, traditional or modern. Wood flooring options that are installed by our experts at Hardwood Flooring Group go in just about every space. However, their installation in the basements and kitchen call for special considerations.

Should You Choose Finished or Unfinished?

You may want to prefer unfinished hardwood floors if you are looking to apply custom stain prior to the finishing, or your goal is to match the shade of the new hardwood floor with the existing one. Our specialists also advise customers to install unfinished flooring in places like the kitchen. This way the floors maintain its durability in spots that are usually prone to water.

On the contrary, prefinished or finished hardwood floors come directly from the manufacturer already sealed and sanded. It does mean that we can install them at your home or office much more swiftly. There are virtually no VOCs or odors from the on-site finishing, and the hardwood floor is immediately ready to use or walk on.

Engineered or Solid – Which Ones Are Better?

Solid hardwood floors are made from pure wood. These floors can be refinished and sanded multiple times, as they are made from solid wood. However, it is vulnerable to abrupt changes in the levels of humidity. Whereas, engineered hardwood floors are made up by joining together numerous sheets of wood. This technique provides engineered wood and superb stability.

Depending upon thickness and quality, engineered hardwood floors can be refinished and sanded merely once or sometimes twice in their whole lifetime. We are proud to say that our team of wood floor installation experts in Coconut Grove are skilled and qualified to install both engineered and solid hardwood floors at a reasonable price.

Cherry flooring, maple flooring and oak flooring are some of the best options. You might also want to take a look at mahogany, ash, walnut, and bamboo. If you are into more exotic choices like mesquite, jarrah and teak, you would have to spend a little more. Anxious? Confused? Don’t know what the most suitable wood type would be for your home or office? Contact our experts at Hardwood Flooring Group and we will happily guide you!