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Wood Floor Group is your go-to service provider for custom wood flooring restoration and finishes to bring out the rich beauty of your custom wood floors and add warmth to your living space. Since our inception we have offered our services to a number of satisfied customers and have relied on our trusted experts to give you unmatched service in custom wood flooring.


Our team of experts in custom wood flooring is always ready to provide you with a service that projects professionalism and all our craftsmen at Wood Floor Group are artists that will work with you to create the floor of your dreams.


As a full-service custom wood floors company, Wood Floor Group provides both residential and commercial clients with superior wood floor sales, service, installation, maintenance, refinishing, recoating, and restoration. We have been providing services in the industry for long, and our experience has made us one of the oldest and expert sanding and refinishing contractors. Our highly skilled services, expert craftsmanship, quick response, and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has set the standard for other custom wood flooring companies. Our key to success has been our service quality combined with an affordable pricing model with which thousands of our clients know that we are the best in the business. We take our commitment to quality very seriously and hence our clients have always referred us to their friends and family.


Wood Floor Group is a licensed and insured wood flooring company dedicated to providing high-quality service of custom finish wood flooring to our residential and commercial clients.


High-Quality Recoating/Recondition of Custom Finish Wood Flooring


Custom wood flooring can last a lifetime if it is properly maintained. That is why it is necessary to regularly dust the floor, placemats and keep it clean while applying a new coat of finish as your floors get old. As your expert service providers, Wood Floor Group suggests you to start investing in recoating of your floors as they start to show indications of dullness or damage as it will provide a fresh coat of protection and save you money in the long run. Recoating or reconditioning process includes deep cleaning and screening of your custom wood floors before the application of a fresh coat of protective finish. This protective coat ensures that your floor surface will be free of contaminations and it also has an added benefit of filling the gaps, imperfections and small scratches. Your floor has a new and revived look with our recoating process, and it is completely affordable with quick implementation.


Custom Wood Flooring Restoration and Refinishing


Wood Floor Group is proud to offer its residential and commercial clients with a complete restoration and refinishing of custom wood floors for residential and commercial clients. Whenever your floor starts to look dull or worn, it is time to call us, and we will be there to restore it to its former glory. Weary and dull floor means it has lost its finish and needs a prompt refinishing and restoration. To determine the type of service needed, our team will visit your home or commercial premises to assess the condition of the floor. IF the issue is minor, an immediate light screen and simple finish will do the job. But if the finish has worn out completely, penetration of dust and spills is identified, and the floor seems lifeless and uneven, a full-service wood flooring restoration will be required. At Wood Floor Group, we specialize in complete restoration of custom wood flooring by using sanding, buffing, repairing, staining, and finishing performed by our expert flooring professionals. We will visit your location, make the assessment, provide a price quote and initiate your floor restoration at your convenience.


Repair and Installation of Custom Wood Floors


Wood Floor Group proudly offers sales and installation services of custom wood flooring for residential and commercial clients. We are renowned for our exceptionally beautiful custom designs and custom finish wood flooring made out of premium grade ash, birch, cherry, maple, oak, and other exotic woods. Flooring is available according to your custom designs with low, medium or high gloss and standard sized planks. You have the design, and we have the expertise to make your custom floor designs come to life and look exactly like you want it.


Along with installation, we will also provide a repair feature for any broken wood plank or floor part with a completely new look and finish.


Call us today and have our representative visit your place to examine the floor condition. We promise to provide a service that yields the best results for you and a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Your satisfaction is all that we aim for, and we intend to give you a service that will speak for itself.

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