It can be a tough decision to choose between a new hardwood flooring installation or just moving on with the existing – the one with its polish all faded, the one that has scratches, and the one that looks older than the house! And, it could be more difficult to decide if you’re already in love and have nostalgic feelings associated with your home! No worries. it only needs a hardwood flooring refinishing that would give your traditional plank floor a modern touch that provides an eye-catching, scenic view when looked or walked at!


Hardwood Floor Refinishing for Home and Office


With time, your lovely hardwood flooring can turn old and look faded, dry, and scratchy. But, it’s not always necessary to install a new one. The hidden beauty of your old hardwood floor can be discovered easily. It doesn’t involve messy activities – just a call, and we’d rescue your sad floor by sanding and refinishing it in an unbelievable manner. Whether it’s a source of motivation at your workplace or the entrance of your cozy home, it has to look appealing. It has to be the talk of the town and something that your customers gaze at – again and again. It should get the touch it deserves and polish to hide its age. This minimal, one-time hardwood flooring refinishing cost can actually regenerate the appearance of the entire floor and ultimately of your home or office. Whether you’re planning to renovate the house or have already restructured it, this refinishing is what your floor must have craved for years!


Why Choose Wood Floor Group?


The best flooring experience provided here at Wood Floor Group is the simplest answer to this question. Our services are effective and more than enough for your old, scratchy floor to shine anew. We use efficient tools that are primarily designed to give this flooring a polished, smooth look. Plus, our expert personnel have years of experience in hardwood flooring refinishing. At Wood Floor Group, sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is a one-of-its-kind process. That’s because our technical personnel doesn’t only make your old floor look brand new – they pour their heart and soul in making it more visually appealing than anything else in the whole house. Our Hardwood flooring refinishing can restore the life of the plank and enhance the strength of your flooring.


Interested in other services?


We also offer hardwood flooring installation services, suitable for ones who are planning to get a brand-new wide plank floor, at home or corporate setting. Other than these, we offer economical staining, sanding, cleaning, and maintenance services.


Get in touch with us today and let our expert personnel walk you through the best hardwood flooring products and services you’d ever find in Davie. Just don’t believe word of mouth. Check out our portfolio and discover how our personnel strives to achieve our customer-satisfaction goal every day. Not sure about a product or service? Contact us, and we’ll follow up with the best that we have!

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