Planning to design, renovate, or remodel your property? Installing wide plank floors can be the wisest decision one could make. Wide plank wood floors not only look classic – they add a new life to the living space, whether it’s a congested space or a spacious one. If you want a traditional look, with a little touch of modern design, you’ve landed the right place. Hardwood flooring tends to be easier when we think of installations and can be cleaned and maintained conveniently. It’s certainly a one-time investment that remains flawless, smooth, and rustic for years to come. 


Wide Plank Wood Floors for Homes


For spacious living areas, people tend to choose darker shades. It’s better to go for lighter tones if you’d want to cover a smaller space. Also, if you intend to renovate or design just a part of your home, wide plank floors can do wonders. It’s easier to separate the dining area from the kitchen or TV lounge from the main drawing room by installing a wide plank flooring. This type of flooring compliments the different types and colors of furniture. If you have a home-office and would like to give a unique, inspiring, and soothing touch to your workstation, there is nothing better than installing these wide wood plank floors. It would keep you engaged, yet close to nature.


Wide Plank Wood Floors for Offices


According to the remarks of several corporate clients, our wide plank floors have given a trendy and stylish look to their offices. We have a long history of designing these wide plank floors for businesses like tourism, tech, publishing companies, event planners, and other offices that are visited by a lot of people every day. That’s because the workers, as well as the visitors, love the natural look and still feel calm during the busy and stressful hours of the day. It’s ideal for offices and business sites because it guarantees durability yet looking stylish. And most of the business owners want to take the practical route – they want something that’s eye-catching, welcoming and doesn’t take arms or legs for first time installation, refinishing, or maintenance.


Why choose Wood Floor Group?


So, these wide wood plank floors are totally worth the hype, your time, energy, and our supreme effort! Wood Floor Group is not only committed to creating masterpiece wide plank floors – we strive to make it your best flooring experience. We have professionals who dedicate the attention to the site you’d like to redesign. Then, from the best of their experiences, they’d suggest you something that will make your living or workplace look grand and classy. And all the installation stuff starts later. Already have wide wood plank floors installed? We also offer refinishing, sanding, staining, maintenance, and restoration services for hardwood flooring. Get in touch with us today or book a free appointment. Let us walk you through the best of our products and services.

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