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Wood Floor Installation Services

Are you thinking of installing brand new Wood Floors in Boca Raton to enhance the appearance of your home or office? We’ve got you covered. Our team of wood installation experts have a proven track record of installing quality wood floors in Boca Raton.

Nothing can beat the timelessness and elegance of wood floors. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that cleaning wood floors is absolutely trouble free, they provide a generous return on the amount you invest, and above all they are simply gorgeous. By installing a new wooden floor, you can equip your property with a sophisticated style that never grows old.

At the Hard Wood Flooring Group, the product selection our experts offer is vastly extensive and the process of installation is impeccably executed by our highly experienced and skilled specialists. No matter how small or large project; we have all the necessary tools and expertise to complete each job by exceeding your expectations.

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    Different Types of Hardwood Floors

    Our experts at Hardwood Flooring Group can install and supply a wide assortment of hardwood flooring in your business or home. Some of the most notable options that you have are mentioned below. You can choose any one of them depending upon your style preferences and budget.

    Exotic Wood
    Have no worries at all, if you have no idea which sort of hardwood would be the best for you. Our experts are always ready to help you select the ideal option according to your unique requirements. We will outline and explicate diverse additional factors in front of you as well, such as lifespan and foot traffic to make sure you make the right decision.

    Methods We Employ to Install Hardwood Floors

    Choosing the appropriate species of hardwood is not the only thing to mull over when it comes to wood floor installation in Boca Raton. You will also have to decide between unfinished or pre-finished hardwood flooring.

    Unfinished Hardwood Flooring – It is perhaps the most preferred option both for businesses and homes because of its personalization options and long lifespan. Once we install the unfinished hardwood flooring, our proficient experts stain, sand and seal floor’s surface depending upon your customization options. Even though the process of installing unfinished floors might take a little longer, they come up as a perfect choice especially when you are planning to install them all through your whole office or home. They provide the greatest color consistency and finish. Plus, whenever necessary you can get them refinished quite a few times.

    Pre-finished Hardwood Flooring – If you are one of those people who want to be done with the installation of hardwood floor in a swift manner, pre-finished flooring would be the most appropriate method for you. When you install pre-finished hardwood floors you will not require any kind of sanding or staining. As this process of installing hardwood is relatively less intensive, it costs a bit less. However, in several ways it is less customizable as well. Our experts at Hardwood Flooring Group would recommend you to use it in the high-traffic sections of your property as they would be comparatively more durable.

    Installation of Engineered Wood Floors

    If you want wrap-resistant and durable flooring for those areas where you can expect high traffic, engineered wood would be a pretty good option for you. While conventional hardwood is manufactured by making use of single layers of wood, engineered wood floors are crafted by utilizing manifold thin wood planks. Extreme heat and pressure are employed to bond together these layers. Similar to hardwood, we have specialization in installing engineered wood floors. Contact us at Hardwood Flooring Group to install or refinish wood floors in Boca Raton.