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Hardwood Flooring in South Florida.

Our team of experts started providing wood flooring South Florida services over twenty-two years ago. Hardwood Flooring Group was established on the firm foundation of customer-centricity, excellence in all the services and personalized approach that we incessantly strive to enhance every single day. There is a broad array of services that we offer to satisfy both of your commercial and residential hardwood flooring needs. Some of those noteworthy services include:
Dustless Refinishing
Dustless Sanding
Custom Staining
Custom Borders
From material options to designs, we do realize that you have manifold options available to employ when it comes to your wood floors in South Florida. In order to comprehensively please all of your demands we offer tons of laminating, pre-finished and unfinished products. This extensive selection of wonderful hardwood materials and motifs might confuse you a little about which one to choose. Our qualified experts are always available to help you in this regard. They are trained to aid you in the selection process of hardwoods.

Not merely hardwood flooring can improve the value of your property, it can offer classy appearance, durability, and unparalleled beauty as well to almost any room. Give us an opportunity to showcase our skills and experience in the form of installing new floors or refinishing the current ones. Whether you are looking for new floor installation or hardwood floor refinishing South Florida, we can help.

With our reliable experts, you will never have to encounter padded pricing, aggressive sales tactics or promises which we cannot keep. What we offer is trust, honestly and determination to provide unsurpassable quality. It results into projects that are finished on budget and time while keeping all of your specifications for wood flooring in South Florida into consideration.

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    What Makes Our Wood Flooring South Florida the Best?

    There are four main factors that give Hardwood Flooring Group a clear edge over all of its competitors. All of these characteristics are explained below:

    Wonderful Customer Service – The advancements in technology have increased the accessibility to information. Customers who are well-informed often ask serious-minded questions. More cautious and sophisticated consumers have developed the need to provide commendable customer service. To us, our customer service is as critical as other technical facets of our business.

    To make sure that all the minute details that you share with us regarding your hardwood flooring in Florida are handled effectively and swiftly, we have employed a team of competent professionals. We always show up promptly at your place and return your calls. It is one of our priorities to keep the minimal level of disruption while we install, sand or refinish wooden floors either in your house or office.

    Knowledge and Experience of the Finest Industrial Practices – Apart from having more than two decades of extensive experience of working in this specific business, our experts keep on updating their education. We are trained and knowledgeable regarding the best practices of our trade. It means that you can comprehensively consult with our excellent associates who will satisfactorily answer all of your queries.

    We at Hardwood Flooring Group takes pride in being vigilant while our specialists carry out prep work so that different parts of your property do not get affected by dust when we sand. Generally we carry plastic sheets as a precautionary measure to contain all the dust gathered at the end of each job.

    Quality Materials and Equipment – We understand that modern equipment can notably increase level of efficiency. That is why we have invested a significant amount of money in our tools. The sanders we employ deliver amazing precision and power. When you hire our services, your hardwood floors will get a sleek finish. In addition to having advanced apparatus, materials we utilize in the installation of your wooden floors adhere to international quality standards.

    Value – It is probably the most highlighting dimension of our wood flooring services in Florida. At Hardwood Flooring Group we believe in providing you unequalled quality of services at an incredibly reasonable price. By doing this we create superb value for the money you invest in your home or commercial building.