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Refinishing Services for Wood Floors Fort Lauderdale

From sunlight to pet nails and regular traffic, the wood floors you have undergo a great degree of routine deterioration. It is natural that hardwood stains and scratches after many years of intense use. Consequently, this makes wood floors Fort Lauderdale look far less attractive and desirable as compared to its original state when you just got it installed.

If you have lately relocated to a new office or house and want to give the floors of whole property a glimmering shine or you are thinking of restoring the former glory of your old stained hardwood, highly qualified experts at Hardwood Flooring Group can proficiently help you in all scenarios.

We provide equally excellent wood floor refinishing services to both businesses and homes. Our team is knowledgeable and has all the essential expertise, tools and skills to give virtually any kind of engineered wood or hardwood floor back its original sheen and beauty.

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    Refinishing Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood in homes and offices often hold up for a considerably long time. However, it still requires periodic restoration in order to function and look its best. If your hardwood floors are looking old or your floors have endured some kind of damage, a top class and comprehensive Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Fort Lauderdale can surely extend your hardwood floors’ life.

    How frequently you must refinish hardwood floors?

    Well, the time can vary on the basis of various factors, such as light or heavy traffic. However, generally our experts advise to get your hardwood floors refinished after every seven to ten years.

    Refinishing Engineered Wood Floors

    It would also be appropriate to refinish your engineered wood in case you are planning to alter the color of stain. If you are longing to update the overall look of your home without completely replacing the floor, refinishing by choosing a different stain color would simply be an outstanding alternative. However, it is important to keep in mind that unlike hardwood flooring Fort Lauderdale, most of the engineered woods can be refinished only once all through their lifetime.