Place Protector pads on ALL furniture legs.

Place walk off mats at entry and area rugs in high traffic areas (make sure they stay dry and are cleaned underneath often)

Perform routine maintenance as recommended by manufacturer; this should include sweeping, vacuuming (with a soft brush attachment) and/or dust mopping to remove dirt and grit. Keep this as a regularly scheduled event, and stick to it. Always perform this process before and after a major event that involves a high volume of traffic on the floor.

Use the proper cleaning pad with the manufacturer recommended cleaning solution. The pad should be slightly damp and well rung out. Make sure ALWAYS to use a clean pad/cloth each time your start the cleaning process. These pads can be washed after excessive buildup.

Keep high heel shoes in good repair, as well as keeping your pets nails trimmed on a regular bases.


Use steam mops 

Use WET mops
Use ammonia
Use dust cleaners
Track dirt, clean immediately
Use other floor cleaning products
Wax a urethane finish

Clean in Three simple steps:

1. Vacuum   

2. Spray the proper cleaning solution    

3. Clean with proper mop

Preventative Maintenance

• To ensure full enjoyment from your floor and to extend its beauty for years to come, the following list of
guidelines should be followed.
• Install floor protectors on furniture legs to protect against scratches and dents. These furniture pads should
have no wrinkles and be made of soft, non staining material
(i.e. felt pads)
• Do not drag or roll furniture or other heavy objects across the floor. Rollers from refrigerators, TV’s,
stereos, etc will dent the floor. To prevent the denting first lay 1/8” hardboard on the floor and roll the appliance
or heavy furniture on the hardboard.
• Avoid high heels or shoes with protruding nails. Some types of high heel shoes can severely damage the
surface of any floor covering.
• Sweep and vacuum floor regularly.
• Avoid sand and grit build up. Use protective mats or rugs at doorways and areas of heavy wear.
• Never use latex or rubber backed mats or rugs; they will permanently stain the floor
• Place protective mats under chairs with wheels
• Use only recommended cleaning products from your dealer
• Never wet mop your floor. Never wax or use oil-based products on your floor.