Your Wood Flooring Guide

Your Wood Flooring Guide

A lot of deliberation is required for selecting the perfect wooden floor as flooring has an impact on many factors in the making of your home. Unlike choosing shades of paint or types of light, the flooring requires thinking through aspects of house construction as well as easy preservation.

Wood flooring in South Florida or anywhere can be expensive. From the type of wood flooring, your preference to installation, everything can make or break the look of the area you intend to get the flooring for.

Here we bring you answers to all the important questions that pop into your mind to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get flooring!

How Are Solid Wood, Engineered, and Laminate Flooring Different

Engineered flooring has layers of ply bonded together by a top layer of solid wood. Since it has less tendency to expand and contract, it can be used in areas where moisture and temperature levels vary. You cannot take that risk with solid wood. Also, unlike solid wood flooring, it does not take time to fit. On the other hand, the laminate flooring is made of a compressed fiberboard plank that has a photographic image of wood along with a protective overlay.

Why Consider Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is absolutely charming. It is hard to find and impossible to replicate. The reclaimed wood gives the timber a new lease of life and also prevents the need for harvesting more trees. Therefore, it has the lowest environmental impact.

How to Fix the Wood Flooring Together

The most traditional type of flooring is tongue and groove. The former fits into a perfectly sized gap so that the two planks can slot together. The nail and screw go through the tongue and is not visible. Compared to this conventional fix, the click-fit wooden boards, where the two planks fit together with an audible click, are easier and quicker to install. However, this method is not suitable for solid wood flooring.

Laying the Parquet Floors

The installation of parquet floors starts from the middle of the room and goes outwards. There are various designs and patterns that are popular such as a brick bond, diagonal basket weave, and herringbone. You can choose any pattern as it does not have an impact on the installation method. However, there should be a gap of around 12mm at the edges of the room so that in case of expansion, there is no damage. You can leave the installation to us for wood flooring in South Florida if you feel you might not understand the intricacies involved with the installation.

Finishing To Choose For the Wood Floor

The finish of the wood is chosen at the start according to the look you wish to achieve, the amount of maintenance you will be able to provide, and the environment where the flooring will be installed. In the case of a high traffic area, a lacquered finish is more appropriate that requires no maintenance at all. However, the scratches are visible and need to be masked. You can get your preferred wood flooring in South Florida at the best price and with the promise of superior craftsmanship at Wood Floor Group. Call us today and get your space nicely floored.

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