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Why and How to Do Dustless Sanding

Why and How to Do Dustless Sanding

The hardwood floor of any space is its best feature. You have to make sure that it keeps looking its best and is protected from the damage that can eventually lead to refinishing the floor to restore its condition. However, refinishing floors can be intimidating.

Fortunately, you no longer have to put off refinishing, fretting over the dust from the sander ruining every piece of furniture you have. Our professional hardwood re-finishers for wood floors in Southwest Ranches bring you this guide to explain everything you need to know to protect your home and belongings.

Hoe Dustless Sanding Helps and Works

The traditional sanding methods bring images of clouds of sawdust filling the air, making it important to wear protective masks. It left your house in a complete mess, with everything being covered in thick layers of dust making the air unhealthy to breathe. Dustless sanding removes dust from your home and neatly collects it from every nook and corner into a containment system. It means there is no need for extensive cleanups once the professionals for wood floors in Southwest Ranches complete their job.

How Dustless Sanding Benefits

Going for dustless sanding benefits those suffering from asthma or dust sensitivities. Using it protects the vulnerable population, like children or those working and admitted in a hospital. Dustless sanding also helps in cutting down finishing problems since mane problems arise in the first place because of the improper removal of dust from the floor before going to the next step in the installation process.

It takes less time compared to the standard sanding process as there is less cleanup involved. You have to hire a cleanup company to get the cleaning job done. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful with dustless sanding. You must tack the floor in between each finish of the coat. Although if you have the proper system in place, most of the dust is taken care of.

A Faster Process

The easy cleanup makes this refinishing process a lot faster than any other. The equipment used for the process captures the dust for you, leaving nothing but just the job of disposing it. With the cleanup done, there are fewer problems in the later stages.

Compared to the dustless sanding, the other processes, with the layers of dust, do not get you better results. Call Wood Floor Group to get the finishing done right the first time only with a dustless sanding system.

Greater Results

You get better results with dustless sanding since it is a more precise, detailed, and smooth process. There are more chances of a beautiful outcome with it. Since you invest your money and time, your floors must get the look you envisioned.

Smaller Ecological Footprint

Since there is more efficiency and improved air quality, the dustless systems have a smaller ecological footprint than regular sanding. There is so much that the process of dustless sanding offers you in addition to stunning floors that you pay for.

You can achieve all the dustless sanding benefits and more with Wood Floor Group. So call us up, and get the perfect wood floor finishing for your spaces!

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